Ramses II

Ramses II

Ramses II is the grandfather of all economy simulation game. In this game you administer the ruler of ancient Egypt, Ramses II, how to manage his kingdom. The kingdom initially has 1,000 acres, 100 people and 3,000 bushels of grain in storage.
You may buy and sell land with your neighboring city-states for bushels of grain - the price will vary between 17 and 26 bushels per acre. You must also use grain to feed your people and as seed to plant the next year's crop.
You will quickly find that a certain number of people can only tend a certain amount of land and that people starve if they are not fed enough. You also have the unexpected to contend with such as a plague, rats destroying stored grain and variable harvests.
You will also find that managing just the few resources in this game is not a trivial job over a period of say ten years. The crisis of population density rears its head very rapidly.

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Ramses was developed using the game development engine Unity. Feel free to play a game of Ramses.

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